You’d Never Forget Your Boots, But What About a Boot Tray?

Every student knows that Madison winters can be snowy, slushy and down right messy sometimes. But nothing is worse on these gross winter days than coming back to your dorm after a long day of classes and tracking slush all over your tiny room.

While no incoming freshman would ever forget to pack all their favorite shoes and a good pair of boots before moving in, an indispensable item that many don’t think of is a boot tray. I personally learned the hard way after experiencing my first winter snowfall in Madison and arriving back at my dorm room to find that I had nowhere to place my filthy, wet boots.

A boot tray is a tray usually made of tough plastic that allows your boots to dry on without getting sloppy snow and grime all over the floor. Available on Amazon, at most Targets and even Bed Bath and Beyond, boot trays are fairly cheap and come in various sizes so students don’t need to worry about cramming a giant tray into their cramped dorm rooms. Watch the video below to see recommendations for some of the best boot trays.

Because dorm rooms are already prone to messes given their size, close living proximity with roommates and the busy schedules most students have, the last thing anyone wants to deal with is wiping up dirt and slush off the floor. What’s more, having a clean living space promotes focus, decreases stress and even helps you be more social. So before you pack up the car and head off to Madison, save yourself a headache and buy a boot tray.

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