10 night time alternatives to Madison’s party scene

If you’re an incoming student to the University of Wisconsin-Madison or in your last semester here, you’ll never get board here. Unlike our reputation, not everyone wants to party every weekend. Here are some of my favorite non-partying night time actives.

  1. Grab a group of friends and treat yourself to a nice dinner

Weather you live in the dorms or off-campus, you deserve a break from your normal routine. Have breakfast for dinner (try short stack, Basset Street Brunch Club, or go off campus to Monty’s Blue Plate diner) or some amazing ethnic food (Cento, Red, or Ha Long Bay off campus)

2. Rent a Movie! 

Head to Badger Ally, Quick Trip or Fresh and grab a some movie snacks and cozy up on your bed.

3. Get ahead on your homework

Grab a friend, study and treat yourself reward yourself for your hard work.

4. Check out the Sett or Wheelhouse

These hidden gem has activities on a student budget. Try out their $2 bowling or free ceramics class.

5. Look into campus actives

To find events look here

6. Check things off your Madison Bucket List

Find local events here

7. Go to a sports game

With 24 different sports teams on campus, show off your school spirt! Click here to find out who’s playing.

8. Go on a food Crawl!

Go on a food crawl and find your local favorites.

9. Go for a walk or jump in Lake Mendota

10. Have a picnic point bonfire!

Check out the fire pits on lake shore path and watch the sunset over the Capital. Revere your fire pit  here.




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