How to: Make Studying in College a Breeze

Learn how to study. Sounds a bit like a contradiction right? The material should be the complicated part, not the studying part right? After starting college I quickly realized that was not the case. Here is my step by step guide so you can ace any college test thrown at you.

Image by © Randy Faris/Corbis


  • Don’t approach each class the same

Something I really began to learn in college, is that you can’t always use the same study methods for different subjects. Math and science areas are going to take a different sort of studying then humanities areas. Try to figure out your approach before hand.

  • Start early

With the sheer amount of material given in short periods of time, it is key to start your studying early in college. I can’t begin to explain how many times I sat in the library thinking there isn’t nearly enough time for me to study. Start a study guide as you work through the weeks. Which leads me to my next tip.

  • Make your own study guides

My best method for studying is to go back and reread all of my notes, and then write out the points I think are key. This way you are going through all the notes, and reviewing, while then having a study guide to continue to refer to.

  • Highlight, highlight, highlight

So the influx of words and information isn’t too overwhelming, I like to highlight the terms or concepts so I can easily recognize them, and then see the definition, steps or explanation.

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