Dorm Rules

The majority of freshman move into the dorms freshman year and have a roommate for the first time. Some may take the roommate agreement lightly, while some may take it seriously. No matter what take note of the following items to discuss.

Bed Time

Being in college at times sleep may be a rarity at times. No matter what though, you are for better or worse sharing a room with somebody. Be sure to discuss what can and cannot be done while one person is sleeping. Also be sure to note how actions should be carried out while one is asleep. You don’t want to be the person woken up in the middle of night before a final or the one who gets a pillow thrown at them for waking up their roommate.


That first week together it’s a pretty simple conversation deciding who does what. You may take the trash out or you may vacuum. Decide on a scheduled day to get the task down, even better if you set a time. This ensures that even when life gets hectic you make sure everything that needs to get done gets done.


Whenever life gets busy structure makes everything easier. Establish guidelines for how things should work in your room. This will save you trouble in the long run, trust me.

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