5 Reasons why Life in Leopold Hall is Great!

As an incoming freshman, choosing where to live in undoubtedly something on your mind. Well, unless of course you already know beforehand, in which case, congrats! I wish my decision could have been so simple! If you are still unsure and considering living in a dorm, I present to you five reasons why the Aldo Leopold dorm in lakeshore would be a great choice for your first year.


1: Lakeshore’s General Benefits

Living in lakeshore is a bit different from living in southeast campus. Unlike southeast campus, lakeshore is generally quieter, and provides a more scenic environment.

2: Sizable and Accommodating Rooms

Whereas dorm rooms in general are known for being quite small, Leopold’s rooms are spacious and accommodating with amenities such as carpeting and air conditioning included.

3: Building Amenities

Leopold Hall has several amenities that greatly improve life for its residences. Among these are an on-site computer lab, on-site academic advising, and classrooms in the basement which are great for convenient classes, or studying.

4: Close to Two Dining Halls

Located only a few minutes away from both Dejope Hall and Carson’s Market, Leopold is in a prime location for dining access in lakeshore.

5: Modern Building

Compared to other dorms on campus, Leopold is definitely one of the more modern ones. Opening up only a few years ago, it’s also one of the newest and overall more comfortable dorms to live in.


With these reasons in mind, why not consider living in Leopold Hall your first year? I can personally vouch for its value because it’s where I lived my first year, and where I made my closest college friends!

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