Wondering How College Students Really Study? Check This Out!

During your first year at UW-Madison, it can be hard to balance having fun and studying hard. If you manage your time and follow these tips, your life will be easier and your grades will be great!

First, it is vital to attend all classes. I know it’s tempting to skip big lectures, because no one keeps track if you’re there or not. However, my grades were significantly higher in the classes that I always attended. Hearing a professor say something versus reading it on your laptop screen are two different things, and having information verbalized will help it stick in your head much longer.

Next, you should always prepare ahead of time. I used to get by in high school by reading and studying for tests the night before; but college is a completely different story. College exams are far more in depth than high school ones, so it is important to stay up to date with assignments and prepare in advance! This will also prevent any late night panic attacks before a test.

Finally, you should go to any review sessions that are offered. Even though it may not sound the most appealing to sit through another hour in a lecture hall after a long day of classes, it is well worth it. Many TA’s who lead the review sessions offer insight into questions that could appear on the exam, so it truly is in your best interest to attend.

I know how intimidating college academics seem; but if you follow these tips and remain confident, you will do great!

For additional studying tips for your freshman year, check out: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/09/08/study-tips-for-college-_n_709096.html

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