It’s All About Location

Coming to college can be scary, especially when you aren’t familiar with the area. Before starting classes the first day it is key to look at a campus map and see exactly where your courses are going to be. If it says “Humanities” or “Vilas”, I would recommend taking an extra couple of hours to physically walk through your classes. These buildings can be confusing and you don’t want to miss your first class! Once you have smoothly gotten through week 1 of class, the next thing to consider is places to study. When it comes to studying one of the most important aspects is finding the location that keeps you busy and maybe has some snacks or ways to take a break. Here are a few places to consider…

#1. Memorial Union

This place has it all, and that is why it ranks #1.

Pros: Located on Lake Mendota, this study location has the views. It is also newly renovated and has amazing food choices. I would recommend Strada for a bite!

Cons: Louder environment, hard to find a seat

#2. College Library

This is the library that is open 24 hours but a dreaded place among many when it comes to Finals.

Pros: Located on Lake Mendota, quiet, spots Available, open 24 hours

Cons: Plain, one snack shop

#3. Memorial Library

This library is located on State Street. It has social areas as well as the dreaded cages. A good place to get things done!

Pros: Different study areas, quiet, open to students only

Cons: No food, plain


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