College Hack: Ramen Re-Mastered


When we say the word “ramen,” what do you think of?

Most students and parents tend to think of the cheap college staple that can be microwaved in one of those chemical-stuffed styrofoam containers as a quick meal. And to be honest, until I got to UW and really experienced the world of ramen, I felt the exact same way. Ramen is a delicious asian noodle soup meal that can become anything a student wishes to make it. So we are going to look at ramen two different ways in this vlog: homemade and from the best restaurant in Madison: Umami.

  1. Making Ramen your way: Making ramen in your dorm or apartment doesn’t have to stop at the microwave! To make it a healthy and nutritious meal, add a soft-boiled egg, some chicken or pork and extra veggies to the dish. We personally love this ramen recipe from Life After College YouTube vlogger, Ryen (we also love his corgi, Gatsby).
  2. Umami: but to really experience the wonderful world of ramen the right way, you need to go to an authentic Japanese restaurant that specializes in ramen and other asian treats. Umami Ramen & Dumpling Bar is an AMAZING restaurant right here in Madison! They have a variety of ramen dishes on the menu, including both vegetarian and vegan options, as well as allow you to add any extras you may desire!

It is a crime to associate ramen with the instant stuff at the grocery store. So take our advice and turn this college classic into something you actually enjoy.

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