Your Best Study Break Based on Your Favorite Study Spot


It’s always best to incorporate an hour-long study break into a day at the library. However, we might not always like studying near the places we usually go for fun. So, here’s 3 places to take a break based on 3 popular study spots around campus.

The Study Spot: Union South, Engineering Hall

The Break Activity: Bowling at The Sett Recreation

Union South is a hub of activity at all hours of the day, but a lot of people forget or don’t know that there’s a bowling alley in the lower levels.  Take a break and bowl with friends for less than $10, including your shoes! If bowling isn’t your thing, try the climbing wall or billiards!

The Study Spot: College Library, Memorial Union

The Break Activity: Wheelhouse Studios in Memorial Union

Wheelhouse Studios is open 7 days a week, and not only can you sign up for tons of different classes (you get a discount as a student!) but they also offer Open Studios to students for free!  So, if you really need an outlet to let your creative juices flow, you can sign up for an open class or use the drop-in option for an open studio.

The Study Spot: Steenbock Library, School of Nursing

The Break Activity: Walk through Allen Centennial Gardens

If you’re studying during warmer months, a walk through Allen Centennial Gardens is beautiful and free! There are so many beautiful flowers and trees, even a koi pond, and it’s a great way to get outside after studying for a few hours.


There are tons of fun activities on campus, just make sure to always take a study break!

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