Putt Your Study Stress Away

We all have been there, swamped with homework and studying and in desperate need of a break. One way to really clear your mind and get competitive is mini golfing! Being located in the beautiful city of Madison, WI, there aren’t many places to pick up a club and hit the course. Luckily, located only 15 minutes off campus is Vitense Golfland. When people told me about the place it sounded cool, but words don’t do it justice. This mini golf course takes it to the next level with completely themed holes, light up props, and moving mechanisms! You might be wondering, is it worth the 15 minute drive? The answer is yes. Below I’ll give a few reasons why.


I know when I am studying, I become so stressed and keep restating things in my head. Putting your focus on something else could be the perfect solution!


Who doesn’t love a little competition? Bring your friends, significant other, or your roommate and make bets on who will win.


College has its fun aspects, don’t get me wrong. But sometimes it can be good to get off campus and explore Madison. You never know what you’ll find! Vitense is a perfect way to have some fun.

These are just three reasons why taking a trip to Vitense is worth it! Plus if you are looking to post a cool Instagram or snapchat story and show off your awesome adventures, this is the perfect place for pictures.

For more information: http://www.vitense.com

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