Sweat away the study blues

You’ve been sitting in the library for hours agonizing over your upcoming biology exam. Your brain is getting foggy, your body feels like it’s melted into the chair and you just can’t bear the idea of studying for another second.

Here’s my advice to you: pack up your stuff and head to the SERF!

The SERF is a recreational center on campus that is also a perfect place to blow off steam and clear your brain of swirling vocab words.

If you can’t stand the thought of memorizing another term, heading to the gym is actually the perfect solution. Not only will this revitalize your body, making you more awake and energized, your brain benefits by producing endorphins that will help you study more efficiently.

In this blog post from the New York Times, studies report that “exercise has shown to improve the ability to learn and remember.”

What better study break could you have? Not only do you get to take a break and do something positive for your health, it will actually help you study and do better on your exam!

If you live in the Lakeshore dorms, take a trip to the Nat since it is closer to your side of campus. Or if the weather is nice, take your workout outdoors!

The Lakeshore path is a great place to go for a run. Or, if you’re up for a challenge, try running up Bascom.

Wherever you decide to exercise, working out is a great way to take a study break.

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