The Motivational Fitness Club Every Girl Needs

As most of you know, the SERF (Southeast Recreational Facility) is closing down for renovations for the next couple of years. This is a pretty big deal for freshman in the southeast dorms, such as Sellery and Witte. College is a huge change and it can be scary! There can be times when you’re going to feel lost and unsure of the future. Luckily, there is a solution! CHAARG is a fitness sorority/club on campus that aspires to bring young women together to work out, inspire each other, and have an overall sense of community. There are plenty of reasons why joining CHAARG is a good choice, and here are a few.


  • CHAARG makes a big campus feel a lot smaller by doing things like weekly small groups, studio spotlights, and love yourself events. All of these not only provide an opportunity to find a work out buddy, but also opens the door to life long friendships.


  • The Freshman 15 may sound like its not possible, but it is. Every week there are studio spotlights where different gyms in the Madison area are featured for an hour workout. Some examples of different gyms that have taken the spotlight are Kamps, Omni Fight Club, and The Barre Code.


  • Sometimes we all can use a pick me up and the weekly newsletters members of CHAARG receive will do just that! Nothing feels as good as being chosen for Member Monday!

If you are interested in CHAARG and want more information visit

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