Laugh off School Stress!

Hello Freshmen! Welcome to your first year at what may be the best school in the world: UW-Madison. Now, we all get how you are feeling: excited, nervous, stressed or a combination of all three. But we badgers haveĀ a fantastic way to relieve those pre-college jitters or school stress attacks all students get: laughter! I know you’re probably thinking, “psh, laughter? How can you make sure I laugh when I am stressed?” Well, Madison is home to a fantastic comedy club right on State Street, aptly named “Comedy Club on State.”

There is an 18+ requirement and you do need to buy tickets either online or at the door when you arrive. When you sit down you do need to pay for the two-beverage minimum at the comedy club, but they do not have to be alcoholic so you can enjoy a nice diet coke and watch it come out of your nose when you crack up at these amazing comedians.

They have all types of comedians come in, and a few celebrities have also shown face as well some nights! These laugh-causers include Wil Anderson, Aaron Kleiber and even celebrities like Al Jackson. And are you an inspiring comic or want to watch people give it their first try? There is an open mic every Wednesday at 9pm.

I know that laughter is the best medicine, so the Comedy Club on State is the best place to go on a night out with your friends when all you want to do is laugh it up!

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