Wanna enjoy the night in Madison? Sing it out!

As a well-known party school, downtown Madison is famous for all-night bars and evil late-night food. Go grab some friends and head to the bar drinking and dancing the whole night, that’s what you are thinking how to spend you Thursday, Friday, and Saturday (hopefully not Sunday) nights,right? But wait a second, what if you are under 21? Or what if you are just not a party animal but still want to spend time hanging out with maybe just one or two good friends?

Here’s the option: How about go to have some tasty pho and sing your favorite songs all night with only your close friends in Nams Noodle ! 

Be shy and not confident about your singing(Like I am)? Don’t worry, they have private karaoke rooms for you and your friends! No more embarrassing performance in front public, good news for anxious people. If you have the hidden singing talent, it’s your time to shine; or if you just couldn’t open your mouth (again like I do ), simply humming with other loud voices and enjoy yummy snacks, colorful lights, and joyful atmosphere with your friends!

They provide songs ranging from English, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean, updated to 2016; meet your needs even when you wanna show the second( or third) language you’ve learned.

While the restaurant itself normally closes at 9 pm,  reservations can always be made to stay till 2 am in karaoke rooms.

So, why not try some of their best phos or other Asian foods, and head to karaoke room to sing all that calories out!

Here’s the website of Nams Noodle: https://www.namnoodle.com

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