Sellery 8A: A Place To Live and Learn

Freshman year, a time for learning to do your own laundry, becoming friends with people that haven’t known you since the age of 6 and finding hacks in the dining center; all things that can be daunting when you are going it alone. Lucky for me, I found a community of my own on the floor that I was lucky enough to live on all of Freshman year.

To this day, I thank my floor monitor, Meghan, for having mandatory floor meetings and activities. That girl was wise beyond her years. Although it seemed as though she was forcing us to become friends and mingle with either wings of the floor, she really was just showing us that we had a built in community right there on the floor we were randomly placed on.

The friendships on my floor quickly grew and we began doing everything together. We went to the Terrace and sat by the lake together, we went to College Library (really it’s called Helen C. White Library. It’s confusing, I know) together and we went bowling and were able to pay for it on our WisCard for super cheap at Union South (click here to find out more information about all that Union South has to offer!).

Freshman year can be terrifying, trust me, I know, but once you find yourself a good community to support you, everything builds off of that. Wisconsin is hands down the best University in the nation if not the, world, but I don’t need to tell you that, you’ll figure it out on your own.

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