Three Tips to Partying Safely in Downtown Madison


If there are two things UW-Madison excels at, they are academics and parties. It’s fairly common knowledge that Badgers like to drink. But, as you begin freshman year, remember to always resort to these tips on how to stay safe while partying in Madison.

#1: Phone, Keys, Wisc Card?

These three items are by far the most important things to remember when going or coming from a party. No matter what, having a phone to contact someone in case of an emergency and your keys and Wisc card to return home safe should be the top priority. Carrying all of these items can be hard, especially when you’re a girl and most of your clothing has unacceptably small pockets. But, with a little creativity, it can be done. Attach your keys to your belt loop and tuck your Wisc card into the back of your phone case to keep everything handy!

#2: SAFEwalk

Remember that UW-Madison offers a free campus escort service, so you should never have to walk home alone in the dark! Call or text SAFEwalk – (608) 262-5000. SAFEwalkers always come in pairs and carry two-way radios between them and the police, so you can rest assured knowing you’ll get home safely.

#3: Party with Trusted Friends

Always make sure you go out with people you trust to get you home safely. Photo by Jirka Matousek on flickr (Labeled for reuse)


If your friends don’t have your back at a party, you definitely should reconsider who you’re going out with. This shouldn’t mean one person gets assigned parental duties for the entire night. But, it should mean everyone looks out for one another — nobody left behind!




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