Delicious Dinner Without A Demanding Price

Affording to eat out can be a gruesome task while in college. Generally, individuals joke about eating ramen noodles for most meals in college; but this is actually a common occurrence for most undergrads. Graze on the Capital Square is surprisingly affordable with most menu items below $10-15. The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner Monday through Friday; breakfast, lunch, and dinner on Saturday’s; and breakfast and lunch on Sunday’s.

Likewise, their menu directly reflects the restaurant name because most items were inspired to allow guests to try several options without being left stuffed or break the bank. Similarly, the menu contains several stationary items along with several options or specials on a rotating basis. If you are looking for an affordable Friday night date night; I highly suggest Graze. If you are a fan of Friday Night Fish fries they even have that.

Popular menu items, some of my favorites, Cheese Curds, Popcorn and even warm Soft Pretzels. Additionally, I highly suggest Mac ‘N Cheese, Roasted Beets or Oysters if you enjoy seafood.

Though they do not take reservations for parties less than 7; there usually is not a long wait. The atmosphere is perfect for any occasion due to its casual attire and relaxing mood. Owners want customers to feel comfortable while surrounding themselves with friends because the restaurant is not home or work. Instead it is a gathering place to form a friendly community.

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