Lakeshore Trail – A Place to Escape the Stresses of Studying

You awaken to hushed whispers of students studying frantically at a table across from you. The library is nearly empty, but with your study sheet plastered to your face with dried drool, and your coffee colder than ice, it hits you like a rock that you need a break. A nap will suffice for some people, but for others, a change of scenery can mean the difference between cruising through a study session, or ripping your hair out in a 2007 Brittany Spears level freakout. Although there are countless getaways across campus, I have found that there is nothing more tranquil than the Lakeshore Trail.

The trail, which starts at Helen C. White, heads West along Lake Mendota for what seems like ages. In reality the it’s only around 3.2 miles, but you could spend hours wandering up and down it. Taking you past all of Lakeshore, you’ll always see fellow students commuting to and from classes. Another epic part of the trail is that the UW Marching Band practices for Game Day on a field about 50 meters from it, and if you’re lucky you’ll be graced by their musical genius as you stroll on by (they don’t bite, so don’t be afraid to listen for awhile)!

Nothing beats a good walk when it comes to clearing your mind and getting back to the college grind. Well, aside from the view of campus from Picnic Point at the end of the Trail.

Madison Skyline from Picnic Point (Photo Credit:

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