Got a Study Break in Summer Time? Sunshine, Ice Cream, and MORE!

It’s a wonderful summer day. People are all out to enjoy the nice day: blue sky, green tress, and running squirrels.

But this is not you. You are spending the rest of your life in the library studying for the upcoming midterm of the summer course, feeling really depressed and stressed out.

Hey, don’t be stuck on your spot forever! Take a half-an-hour break and everything will still be fine! Here are several things you can do in half an hour to embrace the summer:

  1. Ice Cream! This is a must-have for a fantastic summer. In UW-Madison there are many options for ice cream shop. However, the most recommendation worthy one is Daily Scoop, which sells ice creams that are made by Department of Animal Science (yes, the #1 Animal Science department in the U.S.). In addition to the multiple choices of flavors, the staff there can also make the ice cream into smoothies! Location: -1F in Memorial Union or 1F in Union South
  2. Sunshine! Madison is a city which spends about half a year in harsh winter. That makes sunshine really attractive here for almost everyone. The best place, or one of the best places, on campus to take a sunbath is the lawn on the Bascom Hill in front of the Bascom Hall. Chances are that squirrels will also enjoy the sunshine with you on the hill!
  3. Open mic, exhibition, etc. Want more activities for relaxation? Wisconsin Union will post the latest activities online. Feel free to join!

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