Break a Sweat During Your Study Break!



Being a busy college student, it is very easy for one to become overwhelmed by schoolwork and your life revolves around upcoming tests, homework assignments, and presentations.  With that being said, it is very important for every student to step back, and take an hour or two a day for him or herself.  Working out is an excellent way for college students reduce stress, improve their memory  (which can be extremely helpful if you are cramming for an upcoming exam), help with focus (also great for long nights at memorial or college library), and overall puts you in a better mood.

As Elle Woods from the film “Legally Blonde” once said  “exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy!”  So it is time for all UW badgers to make themselves happy and take an hour out of their day to exercise! I have provided 3 great opportunities right here on campus that will make it easier for students to add a little physical activity into their day!


45 minutes out of your day and head over to CYC, I promise you will not regret it! Cyc is a spin studio located at 773 University Avenue and offers classes 7 days a week!  They play amazing music and the class is designed to work your entire body in a fun and motivating way.  They offer individual classes for the first time rider or if you really enjoy it they offer packages to make it easier to enjoy the studio!

Inner Fire Yoga

With two locations in madison—5003 university ave and 777 university ave 209—Inner Fire Yoga offers students an authentic yoga experience and a variety of different yoga classes to try.  From a 90 minute hot yoga class to a sculpt class; blending power yoga with resistance training, Inner fire has amazing opportunities to reignite their fire!


If organized classes aren’t really your thing, and you want to just spend your study break running it out on the treadmill or playing basketball with some friends head on over to the UW Serf located at 715 W Dayton Street.  The serf is open to all students monday-thursday six am- to midnight and has varying weekend and holiday schedules.

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