Cafe Review: Indie Coffee

We all know that feeling of waking up on a Saturday or Sunday morning, simply needing a savory breakfast and a hot cup of coffee (especially if you’re a college student). In Madison, it seems like there are places for this on every corner. However, sometimes the best places are the “hole-in-the-wall” spots with a signature brew.

Indie Coffee, located on Regent Street, near Camp Randal, offers a wide selection of coffee brews, tea blends, and savory breakfast choices. Their many options appeal to a large variety of people, in a calm and relaxed setting. It’s campus location also makes it perfect for students at the university. Whether you’re picking up breakfast on Badger game day, or grabbing a quick cup of coffee before work or class, Indie Coffee has everything you could need on an early (or late) morning.

Not only does the cafe offer an amazing selection of food and beverage, but they also provide live music to go along with their “chill vibe”. Local bands and artists from right in Madison play every weekend, and sometimes on weekdays. It’s also significantly separate from much of the hectic down town area, which makes for a much more enjoyable atmosphere, for some.  In a city like Madison where everything can seem very big and busy, it can be refreshing to be in a small town environment. Indie Coffee is a great change-up from your usual coffee shops, and is definitely worth stopping at.


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