Choirs in UW-Madison at a Glance: 7 Facts


Are you a music lover?

Were you a super singer who ruled the stage of your high school?

Or, did you enjoy singing in the choir and wish to go back when you had to leave the group?

Congratulation! You have made the right choice on college to continue singing. In UW-Madison, there are not only a music school that provides vocal performance education for those who seek for a career in music, but also choirs for singers to play music together. Here comes the 7 facts about choirs in UW-Madison:

  1. Choirs are conducted by either professors in the School of Music, or graduate students in conducting.
  2. Before being able to sing in a choir, you’ll need to go to the audition and get to know which choir to join after an easy test.
  3. Currently, there are 7 choirs for singers of different level.
  4. For each choir there will be at least one performance each semester.
  5. If you join the choir in Fall, chances are that you will be able to sing in a church at the end of the semester, which is going to be an awesome experience!
  6. The types of songs for each groups vary. Some are in the form of A Capella, some have to be done accompanied by an orchestra.
  7. Some choirs have singers from not only the university but also the community. It is never surprising to find some elder singers sing better than you do.


Believe it or not, you will find more when you join!


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