Discover the Art and Culture of Madison!

Being a UW-madison student, it’s inevitable to become engrossed in the school sprit, student organizations, and all the incredible opportunities the school has to offer. With all of these amazing attributes that UW has, Madison is also home to the arts, with numerous stage productions, galleries and museums.

During the summer months, there are many opportunities for one to discover the art and culture that Madison has to offer. Here are four events, and exhibits; every badger must see!

  1. Attend an atlas improve company show. Students are just $5 for students, and the company performs every Friday and Saturday night at 609 E. Washington ave. I can guarantee you wont regret spending a night laughing out loud with friends with these talented comedians!.
  2. Catch a concert at the Orpheum Theater! Coming up, Orpheum has incredible acts from singer Gavin Degraw, to comedian Trevor Noah, and bands Switchfoot and Relient K. Orpheum is located at 216 state street and has numerous other events to coming up!
  3. A badger doesn’t need to travel far to view art collections from ancient time to present day as well as temporary exhibitions. The Chazen museum of Art offers free admissions Tuesday through Sunday providing tours and cultural events to students and visitors of Madision! The Chazen museum is located right on campus at 750-university avenue.
  4. Searching for works of art from Madison’s local and emerging artist? Make your way to 402 E. Washington Ave to the Fat City Emporium for just that! You wont experience the same thing twice as the works being presented are every changing and evolving!

Every badger should take the opportunity to explore the cultural and artistic sides from Madison! It is truly an experience like no other!

For more information on the galleries, museums, and performing arts outside of the downtown area click on the link bellow!

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