5 Secret Study Spots on Campus

Trying to find a study spot on campus can be difficult, but if you are looking for the perfect spot to study during the day, check out these less frequented study spots!

  1. The Engineering Centers Building is a recently constructed building with a modern design, there is not a lot of seating but it’s never crowded so always easy to find somewhere quiet to study!
  2. Steenbock Library is large enough and far enough from most student housing that it is generally pretty empty and always a great place to get some quiet studying done.
  3. The Lutheran Chapel on Gilman welcomes all students and provides wifi, free coffee/tea, and cheap snacks!
  4. The Wisconsin Institute for Discovery provides a productive atmosphere by supplying new architecture and unique views while you study.
  5. The Law Library on Bascom features huge windows and desks with personal outlets. This library is open to all students, but don’t forget that during exam times it is reserved for law students only.

During midterms and finals week these buildings do get more crowded than normal, so don’t forget you can always reserve a study room ahead of time at any campus library! Here is the link to reserve any room on campus: https://www.library.wisc.edu/libraries/library-study-rooms/

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